REVIV is the world leading formula in elective hydration, beauty and wellness therapy. REVIV is the largest investment of Booming Industries Group, building the company from a U.S. based group of Medical clinics to a global company which has now expanded into 4 continents with more than 20 REVIV clinics in the UK, Netherlands and opening soon in South Africa (Johannesburg), U.A.E. (Dubai and Abu Dhabi), Canada, Spain and other […]

       Mastering Resources  Milgro aspires to create a world in which economic growth and well-being are stimulated without this being at the cost of future generations. Sustainable use of resources is the key to this world. Deriving more value out of our natural resources is Milgro’s mission. Milgro helps companies, institutions and governments in making the transition from the consumption of natural resources to sustainable use. From an […]

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Researching the Motor Cycle market, Booming Industries discovered the following trends: – Buyers of new motor cycles on average are older then before, but buy exactly what they want as part of their life style. Their Top 3 brands for the coming years will be Harley Davidson, BMW and Ducati. – Ducati has been bought by Audi AG in 2012. Audi clearly uses the Ducati brand to attribute “sports” to […]

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Obscura Digital Inc. from San Francisco, USA and Booming Industries (BI) working together in Business Acceleration project! BI have taken the responsibility to productise Obscura’s IP and unique design, to develop and implement the exciting market proposition for EMEA including Russia. BI are the authorized acceleration partner for Obscua’s incredible Visualizations and Experiential products with an enviable customer list of some of the worlds largest and most successful Corporations, plus many VIP and high wealth individuals […]

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To “give back to society” is a core belief of the team at Booming Industries, who run several programs that make a difference. Charities constantly struggle with the challenge to spend the maximum percentage of raised funds on selected programs and as little as possible on organisational costs. BI starts to provide highly subsidised support to registered charities in order to improve the “program spent / organisational cost” ratio and the […]