Researching the Motor Cycle market, Booming Industries discovered the following trends: – Buyers of new motor cycles on average are older then before, but buy exactly what they want as part of their life style. Their Top 3 brands for the coming years will be Harley Davidson, BMW and Ducati. – Ducati has been bought by Audi AG in 2012. Audi clearly uses the Ducati brand to attribute “sports” to […]

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Stack-Cup™ is an events and catering drink solution. The design and durability allows to provide drinks to users in an efficient and Eco-friendly way that consumers will love. Stack-Cup™ boasts a unique patented handle design that enables spiral-pattern stacking for easy portability. Stack-Cup™ is washable, durable, and reusable. The perfect green solution for contributing to today’s growing revolution against a throw-away society. BI has invested early stage in this innovative […]

Aug 2013,  Vancouver, Canada  – Quizam Media Corporation is pleased to announce that ontrackTV has signed a deal with  Booming Industries Group to Accelerate her business in online Learning libraries and platforms for Europe and the Middle East . “Booming Industries Group, are in the business of consulting, and focused on expansion throughout the aforementioned territories. It plans to leverage its sales channels to market ontrackTV” Stephen Alexander, Director of Quizam, said “the significant […]

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Procco Financial Services is a Bahrain based company providing Payment Solutions to retailers and end users. In its home market Procco is market leader with a “Sharia-proof” product, primarily targeting the Islamic markets. Given the limited volume of the Bahrain market expansion is pursued in new markets. Booming Industries has performed a marketing research project, working closely together with Managing director Mr Yzelle De Wet. Outcome #1: Specific Islamic markets were […]

Obscura Digital Inc. from San Francisco, USA and Booming Industries (BI) working together in Business Acceleration project! BI have taken the responsibility to productise Obscura’s IP and unique design, to develop and implement the exciting market proposition for EMEA including Russia. BI are the authorized acceleration partner for Obscua’s incredible Visualizations and Experiential products with an enviable customer list of some of the worlds largest and most successful Corporations, plus many VIP and high wealth individuals […]

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Booming Industries is known globally for successfully stimulating significant growth in existing companies as well as recognizing the benefits of ‘contributing back’ to society. Each year BI Group Investment Division selects a small number of exciting start-up ventures who qualify for cost free use of our special skills and extensive network of investors and commercial relationships in Europe, the US and Middle East. Selected companies are assured of spectacular results. For more […]

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