The BI 6 Step Business Acceleration model to Commercial Growth: 1. Revisit Vision, let’s make sure it is distinctive and powerful. 2. Optimize the Market and Value proposition. 3. Evaluate Current market and those missed opportunities, plus how to drive and nurture New markets. 4. Application of the Commercial growth process: Selling! (including Proof of Concept) 5. Create the environment & infrastructure that can sustain the New Growth and Volume 6. Embed […]

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At the ACE Medical Convention in London, Richard Sikkel, Executive Vice President of REVIV Global and Dr. Martin Kinsella, Medical Director of REVIV UK jointly presented how the U.S.A./U.K. based company REVIV recognized a growing need for Preventative Health treatments and consequently developed a worldwide roll-out strategy that has brought the young company undisputed market leadership. Started in the U.S.A. in 2010, researching formulas for elective infusion (IV) therapy and […]