At the ACE Medical Convention in London, Richard Sikkel, Executive Vice President of REVIV Global and Dr. Martin Kinsella, Medical Director of REVIV UK jointly presented how the U.S.A./U.K. based company REVIV recognized a growing need for Preventative Health treatments and consequently developed a worldwide roll-out strategy that has brought the young company undisputed market leadership. Started in the U.S.A. in 2010, researching formulas for elective infusion (IV) therapy and […]

Zenith is one of the UK’s Leading Independent Leasing, Fleet Management and Vehicle Outsourcing Businesses Zenith’s purpose is to deliver innovative and intelligent vehicle solutions to any employee population; whether that’s funding company cars, commercial vehicles, providing flexible benefit schemes, or delivering fully outsourced fleet management services. Based on the demand of many large intrnational clients Zenith’s CEO Tim Buchan and Sales Director Claudia Rose have asked Booming Industries’ Richard Sikkel to help set up an International Partnership that will offer […]

REVIV is the world leading formula in elective hydration, beauty and wellness therapy. REVIV is the largest investment of Booming Industries Group, building the company from a U.S. based group of Medical clinics to a global company which has now expanded into 4 continents with more than 20 REVIV clinics in the UK, Netherlands and opening soon in South Africa (Johannesburg), U.A.E. (Dubai and Abu Dhabi), Canada, Spain and other […]

The exciting BRAND NEW High-Technology of Biometric Marketing & Surveillance, is NOW made available by BI, working closely with a spin off from the Technical University of Barcelona (UPC). The highest standard in Facial Recognition Software is able to detect (even in large crowds) faces at high speed and compare these to a database. This software will flawlessly spot undesired visitors, but will also identify your VIP clients and employees. […]

ugo is on a mission to make the cab experience good again, with brand new cars, attractive fares, new car entertainment, top-notch service and the best drivers, innovative amenities that are reinventing the cab experience. ugo offers its customers a superior on-demand taxi experience through apps for iOS, Android and through a taxi butler system (ugo Butler), which system has been installed in more than 200 restaurants, hotels and bars […]

Stack-Cup™ is an events and catering drink solution. The design and durability allows to provide drinks to users in an efficient and Eco-friendly way that consumers will love. Stack-Cup™ boasts a unique patented handle design that enables spiral-pattern stacking for easy portability. Stack-Cup™ is washable, durable, and reusable. The perfect green solution for contributing to today’s growing revolution against a throw-away society. BI has invested early stage in this innovative […]

Procco Financial Services is a Bahrain based company providing Payment Solutions to retailers and end users. In its home market Procco is market leader with a “Sharia-proof” product, primarily targeting the Islamic markets. Given the limited volume of the Bahrain market expansion is pursued in new markets. Booming Industries has performed a marketing research project, working closely together with Managing director Mr Yzelle De Wet. Outcome #1: Specific Islamic markets were […]

To “give back to society” is a core belief of the team at Booming Industries, who run several programs that make a difference. Charities constantly struggle with the challenge to spend the maximum percentage of raised funds on selected programs and as little as possible on organisational costs. BI starts to provide highly subsidised support to registered charities in order to improve the “program spent / organisational cost” ratio and the […]