Mastering Resources  Milgro aspires to create a world in which economic growth and well-being are stimulated without this being at the cost of future generations. Sustainable use of resources is the key to this world. Deriving more value out of our natural resources is Milgro’s mission. Milgro helps companies, institutions and governments in making the transition from the consumption of natural resources to sustainable use. From an […]

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Paul Meehan, Partner of Booming Industries, will Manage all initiatives within  BI’s Global Technology division. Paul, joined BI Group from his position as Head of Panasonic System Communication Company based in Bracknell near London, England. Panasonic in 2012 enjoyed a Global Revenue of $84 Billion set to grow further following the acquisition of Sanyo. Paul brings a wealth of experience in the development of new vertical or geographic markets; value propositions, […]

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The exciting BRAND NEW High-Technology of Biometric Marketing & Surveillance, is NOW made available by BI, working closely with a spin off from the Technical University of Barcelona (UPC). The highest standard in Facial Recognition Software is able to detect (even in large crowds) faces at high speed and compare these to a database. This software will flawlessly spot undesired visitors, but will also identify your VIP clients and employees. […]