It’s an odd thing to say, but as a business principle…fun matters.

Not on a superficial “let’s have scooter races in the hallways” level, but on a deeper “this feels really good” level. It keeps us working hard, coming back and pushing through challenges. The process we’ve chosen – to serve others is – intrinsically rewarding.

It’s work. But, it’s joyful work. So, you not only don’t dread work; you look forward to it.

And, when you have fun at work, when your days are driven by joy, it does four other massively powerful things:

  • It affects the mood of those you work with and serve, with a similar sense of energy and joy.
  • It infuses the entire company with energy, making it easier to recruit or keep talented, successful employees and build a “culture” of joy.
  • It elevates the product/service you provide from a blip on the radar to a STORY that MUST be passed on with zest; creating a source of evangelistic, organic and cost free ‘buzz’.
  • It inoculates you against your competition. If someone moves next to the $1-a-cup lemonade stand, and charges 75 cents for the same thing, the first kid is toast. Not so with the second. Because the product is unique and the total experience, which is what’s really being bought, is magic. And, people don’t so easily walk away from magic.

Can you build a business purely around a need, a commodity, a price and an opening?


But, why would you want to?

Quoted from Jonathan Fields: Why Having Fun Is Great For Business.

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