About us

Booming Industries (BI) is your specialised Business Acceleration partner, comprised of renowned Industry specialists with Executive Board experience. BI will take your company to the next level. BI’s proven and quantitated strategy deployment, delivers increased new business significantly quicker than you had anticipated and forecasted.

BI takes ownership of the whole Business Acceleration process, from re-working and re-vitalising your market proposition to the execution and, if needed, by Investing in the realisation of the new business plan. Developing your sales force to the high performance level where the company can sustain the new volume and growth levels. BI has strong proven experience in post-acquisition & merger integration management; market development and sales strategy enhancement. Company acquisition or funding, alongside the design and delivery of business acceleration, may also be part of the total program.

BI partners globally with companies and individuals, from start up entrepreneurial ventures to Fortune 500 companies to execute real value propositions and high level result improvement. Delivery of Leadership training, Mentoring and Coaching programs to high-performance leaders in Europe, USA and Middle East, are part of the BI approach. BI also provides professionals in senior roles in companies on a temporary assignment to drive business performance and improvement; where this is required.