Launched June 27th 2014

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Mirror Mirror Age App – The one and only true way of knowing exactly how young you look ….!

Be the first to download the app from Apple App Store on June 27th 2014. Android coming in July 2014


Launched on June 27th 2014, Mirror Mirror Age is the World’s first facial recognition app that will accurately and reliably tell the age and gender of anyone you target your smart device at or uploaded image. The result is how old they look not how old they are – as of course its how old we look that we all care about!

So you’re in a bar, at school or out by the beach; just point the camera and the facial recognition software will quickly work its algorithm and give you an amazingly accurate result. Great fun for a weekend, testing how old you look after spending hours getting ready for the big night out.


Spent a fortune on new skin care products, make up or even that treatment at the beauty salon? Before and after will tell you if it really was worth it with Mirror Mirror Age App!!!

Got a date through that dating site? Was it a photo shop picture or are they genuinely 25 years old as the dating site suggests?

Mirror Mirror Age App Professional

Will also be launched for commercial use in applications such as Nightclub and Bar entrance policies around age, similarly in the purchase of age restricted scenarios such as Liquor or Cigarette purchase, Cinema entrance or Car Hire where ID documents presented could well be fraudulent. Checking a document for validity is always subjective – the facial recognition technology developed for high security, delivers accurate Age confirmation. 

Mirror Mirror Age App uses the award winning, advanced facial recognition algorithm developed and deployed in Military and Government national security policies around the world from Herta Security. Herta’s patented facial recognition algorithm is also used in Airports, Casinos and Shopping Centres globally but now is available in a fun App on June 27th 2014 in App Store with Android planned for July 2014.


Mirror Mirror

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