The exciting BRAND NEW High-Technology of Biometric Marketing & Surveillance, is NOW made available by BI, working closely with a spin off from the Technical University of Barcelona (UPC).

The highest standard in Facial Recognition Software is able to detect (even in large crowds) faces at high speed and compare these to a database. This software will flawlessly spot undesired visitors, but will also identify your VIP clients and employees.

This software is already in high demand in the Security sector for Airports, Sport venues, Casino’s etc…

The latest application of this technology is Biometric Marketing. The software recognizes  demographic features from individuals and groups of people. This technology will now be used to display advertisements that correspond with the actual present target audience, i.e. in busstops, malls etc.

Read all about it in the Face Value Brochure

But there is more……!

End 2013 Booming Industries has run a project for a large high-end Car Manufacturer at the Johannesburg Autoshow. The project aims to break through the dogmatic thinking in the automotive industry in terms of “which people are interested in certain models”. High speed – high definition cameras measure the number of individuals showing interest in particular models and build a record of their demographics. Output is be a detailed profile of the current target audience per model, enabling the manufacturer to optimize the reach of  the marketing dollar!  This Biometric Marketing exercise will be repeated in different parts of the world.

Biometric marketing Case Study

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