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Mastering Resources 

Milgro aspires to create a world in which economic growth and well-being are stimulated without this being at the cost of future generations. Sustainable use of resources is the key to this world. Deriving more value out of our natural resources is Milgro’s mission.
Milgro helps companies, institutions and governments in making the transition from the consumption of natural resources to sustainable use. From an innovative vision on Waste and Resources, Milgro enables its clients to control their waste streams and manage wastage. By working closely with partners in and outside the waste industry, it makes circular use of resources achievable.
Milgro designs and implements structures and processes for waste control and resources management in a transparent, result driven and independent manner, leading to direct results: lower cost, enhanced environmental performance and innovation!
Booming Industries helped Milgro accelerating the business in the Automotive sector by realizing a major scale jump that brings the company literally to the next level of excellence and market reach. As well in terms of volume as in terms of international expansion by assisting Milgro to venture its capabilities into Europe in close cooperation with strategic clients as TESLA MOTORS.
Project lead: Richard Sikkel

Learn more about Milgro at: www.milgro.nl 

contact Richard Sikkel at: richard@boomingindustries.com  or call +31 611592727

Enjoy the “Milgro Innovative office” tour!

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