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Aug 2013,  Vancouver, Canada  – Quizam Media Corporation is pleased to announce that ontrackTV has signed a deal with  Booming Industries Group to Accelerate her business in online Learning libraries and platforms for Europe and the Middle East .

“Booming Industries Group, are in the business of consulting, and focused on expansion throughout the aforementioned territories. It plans to leverage its sales channels to market ontrackTV”

Stephen Alexander, Director of Quizam, said “the significant increase in e commerce and IT in the Middle East, Turkey and Europe gives ontrackTV a wonderful opportunity to become a market leader in the field of online learning .”

ontrackTV is a wholly owned subsidiary of QUIZAM Media Corporation. ontrackTV uses high quality video and live instructors to deliver business  training online. Easy to follow lessons are structured into a library of hundreds of bite size, task led tutorials that support individuals with the training they need wherever and whenever they need it.


Get more info on Online learning methods, contact:  richard@boomingindustries.com  or call +31 611592727

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