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REVIV is the world leading formula in elective hydration, beauty and wellness therapy. REVIV is the largest investment of Booming Industries Group, building the company from a U.S. based group of Medical clinics to a global company which has now expanded into 4 continents with more than 20 REVIV clinics in the UK, Netherlands and opening soon in South Africa (Johannesburg), U.A.E. (Dubai and Abu Dhabi), Canada, Spain and other countries across the globe.

Adequate fluid balance is paramount to health and maintenance of mind and body. Just two percent dehydration can cause significant loss of productivity, and create stress on the body and result in the release of free radicals, which can have numerous harmful effects. Common reasons for dehydration are decreased water intake, too much sun exposure, illnesses, water loss, alcohol consumption alone or combined with any of the above.

Applying innovative Western medicine to an Eastern philosophy of balance, REVIV helps restore equilibrium through vitamin-infused IV therapies to combat and to treat the effects of dehydration, strenuous physical activity, aging, sunburns, fatigue, hangovers and other factors.

Developed by a team of physicians, REVIV offers the benefits of simple Intravenous (IV) treatments infused with antioxidants, vitamins and a combination of medications to replenish, rejuvenate and rehydrate one’s body back to health. IV treatments aid in enhancing memory and alertness, help detoxify and cleanse the body, reduce viral illness/colds and boosts the immune system, add shine to hair, skin and nails and even reported to alleviate depression. In addition, REVIV offers vitamin and anti-oxidant shots to promote wellness and help clients achieve weight loss and boost energy.

REVIV originated its business in the USA (Las Vegas and Miami) and is now expanding into the rest of the world.

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